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While staring over the wide horizon, the founders are waiting for their destiny...
knowing death and reincarnation are inevitable, the questions in their heads are stacking up...
What will their calling be?
There is only one thing they are sure of, they are determined to find each other again and create the home of Kobayashi Maru


Hello fellow Ascended, welcome to the new home of Kobayashi Maru. We will use these first days to create a base of friendly and mature players from all over the world.
We are a guild that highly is focusing on friendship, a place they can call home on the Planes of Telara.
Age isnt that important to us, but maturity and respect is. And we also don't care about the armor or superskills you have.... with those things we can help.
But we can't change the person that is behind these things.

We also don't have the urge to become a huge guild.
Guildmembers will be friends, not numbers.
In the future, we even might consider going for raids. But the first goal is to help each other survive in this new and unexplored world of Telara by fighting off invasions, closing rifts, crawl through dungeons and have some drinks afterwards on our victories, or cry while mourning our losses.

with kindest regards,
Fynnah of Kobayashi Maru

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sceneit, Feb 21, 11 12:08 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Greetings recruit, as we are just beginning we will welcome all new people into our guild. Contact us ingame or leave a message on the forum. Thank you
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